Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I am almost free!!!

Today I am packing up my office and preparing to walk out the door of my shop for the last time:)
I am very excited for all the changes that are happening for my family!!!

I am also very excited to rev up my blog in a major way!

First thing up is a little break to focus on my kids then, I plan
 to start posting some great things that I have been dying to share via my blog
 but have just been to overloaded to take on

Be on the lookout for major changes including:
a name change
tons of new and original content
possibly an online shop with a few of my faves
 I am planning on a total closet overhaul that I will be documenting and blogging:))


Friday, February 11, 2011

KP style is headed in a NEW direction:)

I am very excited about a new opportunity for me and my family!

I have decided to close my West Palm Beach location and take a break before relocating this summer:)

I am intending on re-doing parts of my house with furniture from my shop very soon!  First up is re-working our living room.  This color palate is basically where I am headed and will post pics as soon as I get it all installed!

Yay!! Yay for change:))


I also intend to rev up this blog with all the new inspiration headed my way!
It was actually very limiting creatively to dress solely in items that were for sale in my shop:(

I am going to organize my things and break out all my old favorites.  I am also going to spruce up my wardrobe with a few key spring items and will catalog these looks as well, sooooo excited!