Wednesday, March 25, 2009

trust me lighter is the way to live!

Feeling Minimal?

Mar 25, 2009 @ 11:39am

erin wasson in a tshirt and shorts.jpgLet’s count it up:

1. Erin Wasson just had garage sale of her clothes because she wanted to be free of all her stuff, and adopt a more “utilitarian” style.

2. Kenzo’s auctioning off a bunch of his art a la YSL and Versace because he wants to live “more free, lighter”.

3. The over-the-top feel of the 80’s runways have made everyone groan “ew” and mourn the days when sequins, shoulder pads and mini-skirts weren’t all on the same runway.

4. This was all preceded by the death of the It bag, over and over.

So does this mean everybody’s over the 80’s before the re-runs have even hit the racks, and are going back to the times of simple lines and uncomplicated pieces (also known as a big part of the 90’s) already?

Are you feeling like you’re over too much fuss in your fashion (and life)? Or are some people just selling their stuff for the cash, and not necessarily for the free closet space?

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