Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Day At The Apple Store Is A Good Day

Yesterday turned out to be a stellar day thanks to my beloved Apple Store!!  I dragged both kids with me in hopes of getting some help with Mackys itouch.  Turns out is was defective yet under warranty and he got a brand new one for free!!  Next daddy's iphone is acting up so we give that a whirl, defective, under warranty and he got a new one for free!  This is why I LOVE Apple they always take such great care of their devoted Apple OBSESSED customers!!  I also got a HUGE kick out of watching all the "older" people seeking help oogling over Macky and Lucy running those huge imacs as if it were child's play!!  It is a new generation that is basically born with an iphone in their hand and an ipad on their xmas wish list:)



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