Tuesday, June 8, 2010

AHHHHH I am finally back to my life:)

Well our trip went off with all the bells and whistles!!  We relaxed, experienced the culture, and acquired tourists tans...aka SUNBURNS!!  We spent time in the spa, the beach, hiking, and in a cave??  We had room service EVERY morning, had a beach boy,  and completely relaxed into DR paradise...So basically it was over the top FABULOUS!!!!!

Our villa in Tortuga Bay, time to relax DR style!!

Coca Cola Light Por Favor!

Spa time, so needed and I was blessed to spend a day here!!

I love you mac!!!!

Hands down the BEST beach I have ever dipped my toes in, AHHHmazing

Table side serenade...so romantic!

Cannot wait to get back to Punta Cana and this heavenly view.  The vibe here is luxury and leisure and I loved every minute.

(I did come home with an unfortunate souvenir, stomach flu:( hence my absence from my beloved blog)
It is always great to come home with a head full of memories and inspiration to keep doing what I love!!

gladly back to reality ;)

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