Friday, April 8, 2011


I feel like a MILLION bucks!!

I hosted a healthy living presentation for the girls of Arbonne right before I closed the shop.  A friend of mine was having GREAT results with the detox and I wanted to give it a try.  I purchased the RE9 anti-aging line and the fit kit and feel like I am living a different life!!!  I followed the rules for the 30 days and cut: sugar, gluten, caffeine, and alcohol, I know WOW!!  All this from a girl who drinks a LARGE Dunkin coffee EVERY morning, lived on carbs, any carbs, obsessed over sweets, and looks forward to my Pinot Grigio 

Well...let me just say it was WELL worth it!  I have lost 12 pounds and I am now obsessing over those yummy vegan organic vanilla shakes!  My skin has really reaped the rewards of this clean diet!  It seriously is GLOWING!!!

If you want more info, please e-mail me
I love these products SO much I am now an independent consultant and I can help you lose weight and look FABULOUS!!

Is it your time to shine??


live your your life

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