Monday, February 6, 2012

Time if FLYING!

I CANNOT believe it is the second week in February!  I have not posted in forever because I have been completely swamped with my Arbonne business and being a mommy!  My two favorite things:))  Arbonnes focus for me is on the health and wellness products and particularly the the detox line which helps people lose weight.  Can you imagine how bananas my business went in January, HELLO RESOLUTIONS!!!  I am thrilled to report I have coached a team of men and women through the process and have clients who lost between 8 and 26 pounds in the last 30 days.  Just by making a few eliminations from their diet and using Arbonnes products to detox during the weight loss!  This combination is proving RESULTS time and time again:)  I even had to put my Pilates certification that I blogged about on the back burner due to the acceleration of my Arbonne business:)  I have NEVER had this much fun working, helping others, and growing!!  I hope you all have written down your goals and are pressing through this still very new year toward your GOALS!!!

Live your your life:)!!!


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