Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Disco in 2013?...YES!

I have been sooooo busy working that my poor little blog has been neglected!  I took a part time job in a boutique for "season" in Palm Beach and Arbonne is in FULL BLOOM!!  I have been spending my days in YOGA class, training for a marathon, working, sharing Arbonne, and chauffeuring my kids around town.  But you know I ALWAYS have my eyes peeled for fashion.  These days seem to be more so than ever on merchandise OVERLOAD!!!!!  Trends are introduced at EVERY price point overnight!  Typically a trend moves so fast you better not blink or you will MISS IT.  You all know leggings are everywhere and we all wear them in several forms.  BUT MOVE OVER...American Apparel has out done them all.  Lycra "Disco Pants" are my must have pick of the new year.  I own the black and the navy and charcoal are on my list from Santa:)!  They fit like a glove and look amazing for day or night!



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