Sunday, February 2, 2014

Hello to NEW beginnings

I abandoned my little secret lover; blogging!  When I closed my shop a few years ago I wanted and needed a break to clear my mind and really decide what would be next.  I did not allow myself too much of a break as I dove head first into building an Arbonne business.  I promoted many times and earn a decent income from the work I did years ago.  Hello residual income;)
I also earned my real estate license to help a special client find "THE" perfect Palm Beach getaway and really enjoy the real estate world.  Having an insiders knowledge of the Palm Beach and West Palm Beach markets and a real knack for finding and helping clients visualize properties gives me access to their dreams come true. Add a thriving client list and this truly is a blessing!!!

Now enter the question on everyone's mind...I get asked constantly, "Do you miss your store?"  NO, I do not!  But after some long term soul searching I have come to realize what I do miss!  MY BLOG!

I decided to re launch with a new concept.  My store, building an Arbonne business, even real estate seems to be all about self promotion.  On some level these days everyone is branding themselves and that is actually really cool!   I have decided to launch as a way to highlight a lifestyle.  I will be documenting what is happening on the fashion scene, giving behind the scenes industry info, interviewing style makers, capturing street style, giving budget friendly options for pricey looks and folding in my personal style while I am on the hunt.  The STYLEHUNT that is...

Tune in for carefully edited content on living your life FULL of style!

I hope to see y'all there:)!!!!!


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