Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tips For A Night On The Town

1. Have a few little black dresses. “I have about 10,” Pulitzer says. “You can constantly update [them] with a little clutch or the right piece of jewelry.”
2. Stick to basics. “It’s best to spend a little more on a really pretty, simple piece of jewelry [that you can wear every day], as opposed to a dress that costs the same amount that you will only wear once every few weeks,” Pulitzer says.
3. Avoid silk pieces. They look dressy, but they wrinkle, and you have to dry clean them. Jersey and denim will hold up over time, and you can wash them.
4. Alternate accessories. Wear the necklace tonight and the earrings tomorrow.
5. Go for neutral colors. Black, brown and navy work for all seasons.
6. Strapless styles are very versatile. They look great on their own, and the simple neckline looks elegant under a blazer or with a wrap.
7. Skinny jeans and heels is a great look for going out. To update boot-cut jeans, take them to a tailor and have the volume taken out of the bottoms.
8. Have a suit? Roll up the jacket sleeves, pair it with jeans, fun accessories and heels—and you’ve got a cute evening outfit.

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I am obviously thinking about my weekend out on the town:)


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