Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Field Trip...this is a MUST see for PB county residents

So, if you have not been to and taken your kids to The girls strawberry u pick you should right away!!  We went for a field trip and I decided to take both my kids along for the ride:)  When you pull up it looks like an average old Florida shopping center.  When you walk into the old fashioned ice cream parlor and kids dream candy store it is very obvious it is much more.  Just walk out the back door, grab your bucket for your fresh picks, and enter an old Florida wonderland and a truly charming experience.

Acres and acres of hydroponic strawberries stacked in planters so you can pick them very easily!

Lucy (my 4 1/2 year old) has a huge thing for strawberry shortcake and was really BESIDE herself the entire day:)  She particularly LOVED this old car:)

When we got home we decided to make this strawberry pie, what a fun way to spend the day with my kids!!
Almost there!!

Well here is it:)  This was such an amazing way to spend the day with my kids!!  The Girls strawberry u pick was oozing with old Florida charm and I loved every minute:)

Enjoy your family!!


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  1. This is too much fun! I haven't been to Delray in years but strawberry picking is on my list. I bet that pie was amazing! xx