Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My FAVORITE item in my make up bag:)

Anyone else LOVE this stuff?  I have been using it since I was in High School and still LOVE it!
I  know should be covered in an amazing summer tan, however it has eluded me a bit due to work and the temperature in Florida.  It  simply prohibits prolonged time outdoors:(
But you better bet I am still glowing thanks to this old standby!!



  1. KP,
    Once again I think we could very easily be soul sisters! OMG I love this tint and think it should be a staple in every ladies' bag! It literally is a "makeover in seconds" and will give you a refreshed look any time! Thank you so much for sharing...I so look forward to your blog posts every day. I know it's a labor of love, and I really appreciate it!
    Keep up the AMAZING work and thank you, again, so very much!

  2. Yes!!! And, I have it in the Poppy Pink for summer...XXOO

  3. ps...I use the original on my lips for a natural red pout.