Monday, December 26, 2011

It is HERE! Time to take the focus off on others and focus on YOU!!!!

A lot of  my readers have asked to learn more about the 30 day detox I talk and post SO much about.  The reason I do talk and post SO much about it is because it has changed my life.  Not only did I lose 12 pounds in the 30 days, that was 6 months ago and I have kept that weight off:)!  And...lost a little more:))!!   I was not overweight, but clearing the toxins out of my system got me in my skinniest jeans:))) It has also inspired me to work with this company to help others do the same.  Arbonne is a HUGE opportunity to help others gain health, lose weight, gain wealth, and lose fears!  

One thing that has been a HUGE change for me is my ENERGY level.  For example, it is just after noon the day after Christmas.  I have been for a 2 mile run, cleaned the kitchen, started the laundry, taken down the tree, packed away ALL the xmas decor, cleared the xmas cards, dismantled the outside decor, AND vacuumed:)! I realize this sounds a little nutty but we are headed on a ski trip and I felt great this morning so I went for it!  That is really all you have to do is GO FOR IT!  You too can change your life, your weight, your health, and if you want to do what I am doing, change your wealth:)

You will avoid allergenic foods for 30 days and clean up your diet with whole foods,Think veggies, fruits, and lean meats:)  I will be your personal coach and help you the whole way:)

The 30 day plan includes the Arbonne essentials to get you going.  Protein shakes, energy fizz tabs (I LOVE THESE), detox tea, fit chews, and fiber boost.  This 30 day supply costs about $275.00 and I will be GIVING ONE AWAY before JAN.1 !!

Simply send me an email
write one paragraph explaining why I should choose you and you could be on your way to 
Fit and Fabulous

KP live your your life

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