Tuesday, December 6, 2011

new you=alter hue

Well not really a "new" me, but a new hair color goes a LONG way considering I have been blonde for 34 years!  This is all part of a new journey I am on:)  It started with a 30 day whole foods detox program that helped me to shed 12 pounds, filled me up with energy and drive and gain a whole new perspective on my life:) I am attacking fear with a vengeance...and I have always been fearful to go dark.  Fearful that it would not look good???  I have never been happier since I started to face my fears and look at life through a new set of eyes:)  I like the darker hue and I love the journey I am on:)  CHANGE IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL!  Thanks to Arbonne and all it has done for me in helping me to break old lifestyle habits (like eating processed food and overindulging in sweets, wine, gluten, guilt, and letting fear take hold)  :)  A BIG thank you form my skin, my tush, and my SOUL!!

Is it your time to shine?

live your life...love your life


  1. Your hair looks great! 12 lbs lost.....Wow!
    Would love for you to post more some time about the Whole Foods 30 day detox. I'm intrigued.

  2. You were gorgie then and you are shining now! Congrats on the hard work and you motivated me to shift a thing or two in my life... more on the 30 day detoxing, please!