Friday, March 30, 2012

Five of my Favorite Things

Our home if FULL of LOVE...AKA a petting zoo

we will miss you and LOVE you FOREVER!


I was planning a "five favorite things" post to close this week.  As I started thinking of what "really"makes me happy and all these fur babies are on my mind!  We lost our maltese Lizzy a couple of weeks ago  It is as difficult as people try to explain it is when they experience the death of an animal. My husband who traveled
 with her was so upset he had to stay in a hotel as it was just too painful to stay in his home away from home without her:)!

He explained to me he wanted to rescue a dog and needed to do it right away.  I understand as we are all mourning and it is such a huge hole to try to fill.  Enter Cowboy.  We went to The Big Dog Rescue Ranch and met this beautiful Chocolate Lab and right away knew he was ours:)  It is going to take a BIG dog to help heal from the loss of our little angel.  Looks like Cowboy is up for the challenge:)

I love that we were able to rescue this amazing animal who ended up homeless!  He was dropped off in the middle of the night with a note the family could no longer afford to keep him:)!

From our little petting zoo to you...
Have a GREAT weekend!

live your your life

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