Monday, April 2, 2012

Change your thoughts...Change your LIFE

I have always been a positive thinker.  Turns out that is not enough.  I have spent time thinking about the wrong things...worrying about things that never happen!  Turns out they are not "supposed" to happen.  I had NO idea what journey I was about to embark on a year ago when I closed my shop.  I thought close the store, hang with my kids more, possibly move to Alabama, and live life in the slow lane. And I was OK with that!

Turns out God had a MUCH bigger plan for me and for my life:)!  I started a business with Arbonne with NO intention of taking is "seriously".  I did hope to make a few extra bucks to help pay bills but it turns out it is SOOOO much more for me than extra money.  The TEAM I have has completely changed my focus, changed my thoughts, and changed my life.

I did not necessarily think my life needed changing.  So odd looking back at how much better it is now.  Possibly I had settled! 

I am now on a mission to inspire others to change their thoughts, change their focus, and change their life.  Not because I think everyone's lives are bad.  Because I think everyone's live can be better!!

Through deepening my faith, making lifestyle changes (diet and exercise), and changing my focus.  I am living a purposeful, inspired, and happy life.

Join me in my quest to help others find their true calling and help others feel and look their very best.  Nothing looks as good as feeling good!!!!!!!

live your your life

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