Thursday, May 10, 2012

Summer 2012 KP Style

My fellow blogger Emily at posted her summer "to-do" list yesterday and it inspired me to get down on paper , and my blog, what I want to accomplish!  I am super excited to be in planning mode:)!  The only official thing we have planned is our annual trip to Texas and Telluride. We will get to visit lots of friends and family along the way, but here is what I want to fill the front half of my summer with:

1. Take my kids to meet Winter, the dolphin from Dolphin Tale...who lives only 3 hours from us!

2.  Lead my fitness camps 3 x week:)

3.  Go to Rapids water park (my kids are OBSESSED)  they pick this over Disney   LOL

4.  Drive in movies, and just like Emily, I have never been

5.  Take my family to captiva to go shelling

6.  Make homemade corn tortillas...I have the press and have never done it!!

7.  Read my bible everyday...If I do, I will complete it

8.  Host a summer BBQ (complete with Mac and I's amazing potato salad) for my Arbonne team;)

9.  Sign up for adult ballet class

10.  Sport a major tan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about you?  What are my peeps up to this summer, come on write down you goals and make them happen!!!  Share and make the thoughts a reality!
live your your life

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