Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Forever Young - Coachella Style

I must admit I have Coachella envy, I would so enjoy attending this massive music festival for two reasons: cutting edge  bands and people watching!!  Lots of trends are born at this outdoor California mega event.  If you have never heard of this event, you can get more info by clicking here.  I am also obsessed with Jay Z and his remix of "Forever Young".  Yep you heard me right I love Jay Z. He manages to cater to almost every audience and this is a prime example of how he rolls.  We call it "daddys song" in our family because it is hands down Macs current tune on repeat!!
I guess I should not be so SHOCKED he STOLE the show (and this is a tough show to "steal") with this rendition a la Beyonce
Thank heavens for You Tube, I am so treking to Cali for this dream!!!!  2011???

p.s. to fully "get it", you should imagine the crowd was over 75,000strong

Ahhhh an entrie generation celebrating their youth, remember we are all young at heart! I am still 18 right LOL

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  1. If you like Jay-Z (and I do, too but in moderation), the best mix ever is Jay-Z and Mya "Best of Me" from WAY back in the day. Check it out! It might be your new tune on repeat : )