Friday, April 23, 2010

Darbster-Have You Been to WPB Hipest Vegan And Raw Spot

Check this out!!  I could hardly believe my ears when a friend told me about a new vegan hot spot right here in West Palm Beach.  Those of you that live in more progressive parts of the world must think this sounds CRAZY but there is NOTHING like this here.  We are so deprived of the things that make a healthy lifestyle convenient.  Sure we have a Whole foods (20 minutes away) but a quick place to grab a healthy lunch, brunch, or a family dinner!!!!  I am super excited. 
I am not a vegan,  just more a foodie that really enjoys ALL types of food:)

I would love to hear what the locals think of the spot??
We are heading over for brunch on Sunday:)

p.s this is what I will be wearing ALL weekend relaxing!!!!!


  1. I cannot wait to check this place out... we always have to go to Miami or Lauderdale to get anything like this!! Thanks for posting :)

  2. Sounds fabulous + I love the look! I look forward to following! xx