Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Party Time...with a little faith?

I LOVE this pic of my babes waiting for their birthday this year!  They are gazing out the window because it is pouring down rain AND they were having a pool party!  What you cannot see (thanks to my awesome camera with super flash)  is that our power is OFF!  20 minutes before 20 guests and their parents are to arrive the power blew and we were in the dark!  Those sweet little angles were very nervous!  The power came back on after the first few guests arrived, the rain stopped, and we had a GREAT celebration.  Lesson in this was that many things are out of our control but turn out in our favor!  I had FAITH this would work out just like I have faith in so many other areas of my life.  Sometimes a little rain can make you nervous but it does not ruin anything;)

love your your life
and have faith

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