Monday, July 11, 2011

Lean, Clean, and Green

Fresh Organic Spinach
1/2 cup organic quinoa
Small organic chicken breast grilled and diced 
1/2 organic tomato diced
1/2 organic lemon (squeezed over top)
drizzled flaxseed oil
fresh ground black pepper to taste

My husband and I enjoyed this lean, clean, and green meal for lunch today!

Before this yummy meal I kicked my hubby's booty this morning when he joined my fitness camp!
Excited to launch co-ed fitness camps when we return from Vacay!!  His testimonial is that the men will be fully challenged!!  We LOVE to work out together and invite you and yours to join us in September, stay tuned for details for Whole Fitness CO-ED fitness camp:)


live your your life

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  1. i love this recipe...i am going to print it out! i am living for spinach right now...thanks ( and i love quinoa!)