Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get IN Gear

So.. you ate too much over the holiday weekend.  Join the club!  Now you just  need to get back in your fitness routine so you still look cute in all those summer dresses and bikinis:)  I am taking on the 30 days to feeling fit again starting TODAY!  I attended Barre Xtend class this morning and enjoyed my vegan protein shake for breakfast!  Feels SO good to stay on track with my fitness goals!!  I posted information about the products I use for the detox from processed foods  (here) and stand behind them 110%:)  I am now incorporating "Whole Fitness" with this whole food program for a WHOLE body transformation. I will have my personal training certification very soon and plan to take lots of girls on this journey with me:))

Coming soon...Whole Fitness by KP

Live your life...Love your life

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